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Dear Friends,

We apologize, once again, for not replying to each and every email. Few have inquired about the website statistics. From now onwards in every mail, at the bottom, we'll mention the same. Many have informed us that they print upto 500 posters and put them up at various locations. Our group (Kids Missing Alert) now has more than 1,00,000 members. If we all printed just ONE poster, imagine the reach and the increased chances of finding missing children - the pictures of missing children would be viewed by more than 100 million. On a minimum side a poster would be viewed by 1,000 people depending on the location where it has been put up. Eg. In offices - min 500, in schools/colleges - min 1000, in shopping malls - min. 1,00,000, at the railway stations - min. a few lakhs, rear window of your car - min. 5,000. We request you to take out just one printout of the poster (A/4 size) and paste/pin it on the notice board of your office/school/college or in a public place - cinema hall, bus stop,  shopping mall etc. A printout will cost you less than Rs.2/- and take less than 5 minutes of your time; but for the parents of the missing children and for the missing children it can, perhaps, be priceless.

Urgent Request - We are looking for sponsors who can help us print 'Kids Missing' magazine (basically containing posters of missing children). Sponsorship amount is minimum Rs.20,000/- for 4 issues. Sponsor's name/logo will appear in the sponsorship page. Through the magazine we'll be able to disseminate the pictures of the missing children more effectively. Cheques/DDs may be made in favour of National Centre for Missing Children and sent to 502 Chetak Centre, 12/2 RNT Marg, Indore-452001. If any more information is needed please contact us on 0731-2519279 or email us at (in the subject please write - Kids Missing Magazine Sponsorship).


for NCMC,
Anuj Bhargava

A missing child is counting on us.

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Our efforts
 can help reunite a
missing child
with his parents.

Please print a poster. Do it in honour of the missing children who have not made it home and do it for all the children still missing.

P l e a s e   r e m e m b e r   t h e i r   f a c e s  -  Y o u   m a y   h a v e   s e e n   t h e m.
Mohammad Ali Ansari
25 March 1997
Missing: 19 January 2008
From: Mumbai (Mah)
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Roshan Saw
18 May 1995
Missing: 02 February 2008
From: Mumbai (Mah)
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Vinod Singh
Missing: 05 May 2007
From: Aluva (Kerala)
Click here for A/4 size Poster
: 09 May 2007
From: Moodambail (Kerala)
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A missing child is counting on us
Our efforts can help reunite a missing child with his parents.

You can make an impact in protecting India's most precious resources - our children and offer hope to families who know that the search will not end till their child is found. Without your help and support we will not be able to find the missing children. It is impossible for any one person, organization or government to search for the missing children on their own. All of us have to join together and help in the search for missing children. We really need your help in finding these children, to put smiles back on their faces. Let us make a beginning and let us convey to the families of the missing children that never again this crisis will be endured alone. We care and it’s our united efforts that will make the difference. No one suffering the misfortune of a missing child should ever feel and be left to cope alone.

A missing child is counting on us. There are many ways in which you can help. One of the easiest one is by just keeping a watchful eye at the children you see. Your own powers of observation may be the greatest asset. Some of the most memorable and successful locations of missing persons have come through individuals who have recognized the face of a new neighbour.

Our aim is to disseminate as many pictures of the missing children as possible. More are the pictures distributed; more are the chances of finding these children. 

Community involvement is vital for the ultimate success. Please invite your friends/colleagues to become a part of this meaningful and fast growing community. We are already 1,00,000 plus. A sample invitation letter can be found at .

These children have been missing for a very long time.
Please take a good long look at them. You might have seen them somewhere.
Nishanta Das Kalpit Chandwar Vishal Talreja Dharam Raj Gohil Samiksha Gupta Mohil
Giandeep Singh
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National Centre For Missing Children
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Missing Children Reporting Form

Found Children Reporting Form

Police, Parents/Guardians looking for missing children can download the form and send it to us with complete details.

Download reporting form for a child who has been found and is in custody/orphanage and is looking for his/her parents.

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