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Maybe you hold the key to reunite a missing child with his/her family.

A missing child is counting on us. We need your support and involvement in creating the most successful National Sighting System of Kids Missing. You can make a difference and we really need your help. Please get involved with National Centre For Missing Children - do it in honour of the missing children who have not made it home and do it for all the children still missing.


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It is impossible for any one person, organization or government to search for the missing children on their own. All of us have to join together and help in the search for missing children. We need you to help us in finding these children, to put smiles back on their faces. Let us make a beginning and let us convey to the families of the missing children that never again this crisis will be endured alone. We care and it's our united efforts that will make the difference. Each of us can do our own little bit to help in bringing the missing children home. Our aim is to disseminate as many pictures of the kids missing as possible. More are the pictures of the Missing Children distributed, more is the probability of finding them.

The Kids Missing Alert contains the pictures of missing children and it takes less than 2 minutes to go through it. Maybe you have seen the child. Poster link is given in each Kids Missing Alert of which you can take a printout and put it on the notice board of your office/school/college etc.

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These children have been missing for a very long time.
Please take a good long look at them. You might have seen them somewhere.
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