Become a Institutional/Corporate Partner of NCMC.
If you have a web page or a website, display NCMC's Rotating Java Banner showing photographs of the missing children. Click here for details/instructions.
Donate/Contribute - Make a contribution to National Centre for Missing Children. All donations are eligible for tax relief under section 80G of Income Tax. Your contribution is an instrument of all-round development of NCMC; it will help in the distribution of the profile and pictures of the missing children more effectively. Download donation/contribution form - pdf format / world format (doc).
Printing of Posters and Stickers of Missing Children.

Click here to view a sample poster that Eicher Motors Limited got printed and had some of them distributed all over India through their strong Dealer Network.

These posters were put up at the Petrol Pumps in Madhya Pradesh.
All India State Bank of Indore Officers' Co-ordination Committee put up these posters in all their Bank Branches all over India.
If you have a National or a Regional network, you can help in the distribution of the posters.
Photo-mailing stickers - By putting the photo-mailing stickers on the envelopes, you will be pro-actively participating in the efforts to locate the missing children. May be one of the recipients of your letters/dividend warrants/annual reports etc. recognizes a face. You may never know it, but your efforts might be able to find a missing child.

Cause Related Marketing - You can do what you do best, that is marketing, and help NCMC in the process. All things being equal, customers/consumers would rather do business with a company that stands for something beyond profit. CRM through special promotions - for e.g. setting aside a percentage from the sale of your products sold over a 6-month period or over one year period.

Cause related marketing (CRM) is fast becoming a key strategic tool for the community affairs departments and marketing departments of leading companies. Whether a company is looking for improved Public Relations, product differentiation, enhanced brand loyalty or bigger sales, CRM can deliver all of these benefits while simultaneously providing valuable resources for National Centre For Missing Children.

Payroll Giving Scheme - Many people are looking for an opportunity to participate in a programme of social significance. Make the process of contributing simple for your employees. Take their consent for an automatic deduction from their monthly salary and match the contributions made by them. 
Website Sponsors - Be one of the Sponsors of and/or website. The sponsor's ad is displayed on the main page as well as on the sponsor's page. On the sponsor's page the advertisements are displayed separately linking to the websites of the sponsors. The size of the displayed advertisement is 120x60 pixels. Your sponsoring the website will help us maintain and create new features on the web site. Displaying your ad on will generate positive and good publicity.
Encourage your employees to become Volunteers/Support Members of NCMC. Community involvement is vital for the ultimate success.
Include a Public Awareness message of National Centre For Missing Children, in your advertisements in the Newspapers/ Magazines. 
(Together We Will Find Them. Visit