Newspaper & Magazine Publishers
Create awareness about the issue of Missing Children. Make people aware about this growing problem. Publish Safety Tips and Guidelines. 
Donate advertising space in your magazines. Magazines like - Meri Saheli, New Woman, Nutan Kahaniyan, Sachchi Kahaniyan etc. have donated advertising space in their magazines.
Photo-mailing stickers - By sticking the photo-mailing stickers on the envelopes, you will be pro-actively participating in the efforts to locate the missing children. May be one of the recipients of your letters recognizes a face. You may never know it, but your efforts might be able to find a missing child.
Donate/Contribute - Make a contribution to National Centre for Missing Children. All donations are eligible for tax relief under section 80G of Income Tax. Your contribution is an instrument of all-round development of NCMC; it will help in the distribution of the profile and pictures of the missing children more effectively. Download donation/contribution form - pdf format / world format (doc).
Cause Related Marketing - CRM through special promotions - for e.g. setting aside a percentage from the sale of your magazines/ newspapers (say just 5paisa per magazine) sold over a 6-month period or over one year period.
If you have a web page or a website, display NCMC's Rotating Java Banner showing photographs of the missing children. Click here for details/instructions.