How You Can Help
You can help in finding a missing child...

Children cannot look out for themselves, it is our responsibility to look out for them. Many people on the world wide web are looking for an opportunity to participate in a programme of social significance. We offer people an easy way to get involved.  Choose any of the options mentioned below that suits you.

1 Stick Photo Stickers of Missing Children on your mailing envelopes.
2 Volunteer your skills and time.
3 Put Rotating Java Banner on your Home Page.
4 Donate/Contribute
5 Banner Display
6 Displaying Missing Indian Kids Button on your web site.
7 Web Poster Programme of Missing Indian Kids
8 Display the logo of Missing Indian Kids on your web page.
9 Standard Text Link.
10 Printing & Pasting Web Posters/Flyers.
11 Be a Sponsor.

Just keeping a watchful eye at the children you see, it helps. Your own powers of observation may be our greatest asset. Some of the most memorable and successful locations of missing persons have come through individuals who have recognized the face of a new neighbour.

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We want your involvement in creating the most successful National Sighting System of Missing Kids in India.

Any degree of involvement is appreciated.