Have You Got A Desktop Printer?
You can help ..... find a missing child!

Print Posters/Flyers of Missing Children

We want to involve you in locating the missing children. By enlisting the help of the Internet community, we can increase the distribution of missing kids photographs and information.

Anybody can help in distributing and pasting the web posters. All you need is a computer, Internet access, and a printer. Take out as many printouts of the Web Poster you wish to and paste them in the public places like - Bus Stops, Railway stations, Markets, Cinema Halls etc. 

Just follow these simple directions on how to print the Web Posters of the Missing Indian Kids.
  • Go to http://www.missingindiankids.com.

  • Select "Missing Children" from the buttons on the left.

  • Click on the region specific to you.

  • A list of brief summaries and photographs of the missing children will appear.  Find the child whose poster you would like to print and click on the photograph or the "Webposter/View Details" link.

  • A popup window of the web poster will appear on the screen. Click on the print button displayed on the page.

  • IMPORTANT - Paper orientation "Portrait" and turn off all headers and footers.
Any degree of involvement is appreciated.